Network as a Service

Users are no longer chained to their desks and have the freedom to work and access information from anywhere, anytime and on any device. Business management is demanding faster adoption of technology that supports mobility and flexibility to stay ahead of the competition, at the same time security is paramount, and IT needs to retain control and visibility within their network.


To make this vision a reality, you need a secure, robust and reliable wired/wireless network infrastructure to support mission- critical applications and mobile devices, and the solutions and strategy in place to prevent a loss of network control due to the complexity that mobility can bring.


Qolcom can help

Qolcom has years of experience in working with organisations that have campus-based headquarters, single-site and multi-site offices. Qolcom has supported organisations in building mobile-first network infrastructures and next-generation working environments that bring increased productivity, agility and reduce costs, which meet the business’ unique objectives and requirements now and into the future.

Networks are Utility Services

Qolcom treats the network as a utility service. Qolcom’s aim is always to keep the network service optimal, enabling users, your greatest assets, to focus on high value activities.

Qolcom offers network support and maintenance services that encompass all networking activities, from pure hardware replacement services to on-site support staff. The key to Qolcom’s popular success is their ability to adapt and change service offerings to match our customers’ ever-changing requirements.

Qolcom delivers services that are customer-specific using standard elements as the platform for tailored solutions.

“Round the Clock” Telephone Technical Support

Organisations rely largely on their network infrastructure to remain competitive with mission-critical applications that form an integral part of the organisations’ ability to operate. If these systems fail it could herald disaster for any organisation. To this end, users today are more knowledgeable, more competent and more demanding in their technical needs. Qolcom fully appreciates this, and to enable Qolcom to deliver this type of service, a fully web-based online call logging system has been developed which provides for:

  • Fast and efficient request logging.
  • Full request tracking and history trail.
  • Automatic request number generation
  • Link to service level agreements to generate automatic target response and resolution times. Standard reporting module.
  • Full inventory database.
  • Change Control module.

The internal expertise within Qolcom’s support group has been developed over many years. As technology rapidly moves forward Qolcom has developed and enhanced its services accordingly in order to provide support in a rapidly evolving environment, as the network industry requires a blend of experience, skill and innovative flexibility.

Outside of our service desk operating hours, organisations have access to fully certified on-call service engineers that can provide remote dial-in assistance, supplier escalations and if required, on-site support. Any time of day or night.

Problem Ownership

From the moment a support call is received, Qolcom assumes full responsibility for correcting the problem. Understanding the issues of a failed network infrastructure, no matter what the cause, is essential to efficient resolution. Even if the cause of a fault is due to external influences, the Qolcom engineers will still perform all available diagnostics to ensure accurate fault detection.

If Qolcom determines that the fault lies outside of their standard responsibilities, the engineer will remain involved, if required, to co-ordinate and help fix the problem.

Monitoring, Alerting & MACs

Qolcom’s Managed Network Service focusses on traditional disciplines of network management – device monitoring, performance reporting, fault/change management and configuration back up – providing an attractive alternative to expending the funds and manpower to perform the work in-house. By utilising Qolcom’s expertise, organisations are saving substantially on the cost of training and retaining internal resources for various devices.

The Managed Network Service is made up of three service options. You can nominate either Monitoring, Alerting or MAC (or a combination of the three), based on your requirements for network monitoring, reporting and change management.

Monitoring provides organisations with remote network device monitoring to provide reachability and connectivity information for network devices which is generally referred to as “ping” or ”Red/Green”.

Alerting is a service which is ideal for clients with limited internal resources who require enhanced management services with nominal reporting. Services included in Alerting include:

  • Patch notification.
  • Monthly availability reporting.
  • Network documentation management.
  • Real-time App allowing anytime access to network device status. Configuration backup. Real-time alarms/alerts.


Using an SNMP-based remote management system, faults can be rapidly identified and isolated. Once a fault is diagnosed, the Qolcom support team will manage the problem through to resolution to get the organisations network up and running with minimal delay and impact to end users.

The monitoring platform would be configured to send Email and/or SMS alerts in the event of a threshold breach for a given monitored metric. If a network failure is detected both Qolcom and the nominated customer personnel would receive the same alert or alarm from the monitored devices.

Access to the systems would be achieved via a dedicated policy-based site-to-site VPN between the Qolcom Secure Hosting Centre and the organisation, allowing access to the network monitoring tools from Qolcom through a secure VPN tunnel. Reports would be generated for customers according to pre-defined and agreed schedules. The resulting report output is stored on a secure server, accessible via secure Internet connections or email. Wide ranges of predefined report types can be provided, including; device utilisation, network health, inventory, client session summary & rogue summary.

Move, Adds, Changes (MACs) is a credit-based, audited Change Control procedure that provides a flexible resource service for customers. Credits are valued in time and any number of credits can be applied to a task in line with the amount of time it takes to complete. The use of the system is limited to remote changes only and it is the customer’s responsibility to make every effort to permit secure remote access to the networks.

Value Added Services

Software Updates: When new revisions of device software images are introduced, Qolcom support staff can download them to selected devices within the customer’s network. Qolcom would take responsibility for deploying new tested and approved software images to network devices remotely when new images are available thus freeing up customer IT staff.

Health Check: This assessment provides you with a current view of the devices on your network, the health of the network, the current OS version and the end of life status.

Consult service: In-depth analysis of custom performance reports and statistics to provide recommendations for improving availability, affordability and overall performance of your network.

Hardware Maintenance: An optional service where expertise and spare parts are available 24×7 throughout the UK, providing time-critical responses for urgent replacements.

Device as a Service

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